Parker Cottage Bed And Breakfast – Affordable Luxury Meets Homely Warmth


The phrase “home away from home” is often misused; however, in this case, the phrase is nowhere near enough to describe the warmth and deliciousness of being a guest in Parker Cottage B & B. This is truly the most perfect blend of friendly homeliness and luxury holiday accommodation. It all starts with the staff. The warmth and connection each staff member has with their team, including the owners of the B & B, Phil and Liz, is reflected in the warmth and connection they have with the guests. Compassion and respect are clear foundations in this beautiful, luxurious and unique B & B in Cape Town.

I have to mention the breakfast. A star feature of this exquisite place! Breakfast is my favourite meal; and one of my great frustrations when travelling is the fact that in many hotels and B & Bs, if you blink, you miss it! You have to be up by a certain time in order to catch breakfast ñ and even then, it is often a tired buffet you need to wolf down before they start clearing you away. That is, unless you are willing to take a second mortgage on your home in order to afford an outrageously expensive hotel. This is certainly not the case at Parker Cottage B & B.

The Ultimate Gourmet Breakfast Service
Breakfast is served whenever you want it! This means I don’t have to interrupt my beauty sleep to catch the last few minutes of my favourite meal. I can sleep until I wake naturally ñ whatever time that may be ñ and then take my time over a sumptuous breakfast that is served to me at my table. Thatís right, no having to pick out the least tired items from an exhausted buffet; the breakfast is prepared to order, and served to the table. What a pleasure!

In addition to this, there is a special breakfast dish each day that makes the meal even more interesting and delicious. With five courses, and no time limit and every step of the process prepared for you, it is truly the ultimate breakfast experience. As if that wasn’t enough, the surroundings are gorgeous. In winter, breakfast is served in front of the fire in the dining room; and in summer it is served on the porch or in the garden. How perfect is that!

Wine Evenings
Sticking to the wonderful mix of luxury and personal warmth and connection, the hosts of Parker Cottage invite their guests to join them at least twice a week for a wine evening. In summer, this takes place on the porch or next to the fountain in the garden; in winter, they gather in the lounge or drawing room in front of a log fire.

There are hardly words to describe the exquisiteness of the rooms. While they offer a great range of price options from luxury to ìeconomyî even the economy rooms are breathtakingly beautifully decorated and equipped. Each room is decorated uniquely and with incredibly beautiful taste.

Overall, Parker Cottage Bed and Breakfast is the ultimate combination of luxury and personal warmth. An unique experience in itself, itís like going to stay with wealthy, hospitable, loveable family!