Chapman’s Peak Bed and Breakfast

Every year I come to Cape Town once or twice for business. I have one branch of my car shop store here which is managed by my Brother. Since my brothers house is full with his new family I need to find my own place to stay as well each time. I always ask my brother for some advice on which hotels or guest houses are the best and try to visit a new one each time. This time he recommended the Chapman’s Peak BnB. So with no further ado, I booked and went straight to checked in after I landed.

I stayed in one of their studio deluxe suites and when I arrived in the room, I immediately felt at home and relaxed. The room was not huge, but a comfortable size for one or two people. If you are a family coming to visit I would probably opt for on of their bigger options. Perhaps ask the staff which option would be best for you. They have a kitchen area as well as entertainment area and a cozy terrace (which I enjoy for some sun bathing while I was under the warm African sun, there were lots of kids playing there as well ).

The BnB’s staff were very welcoming and hospitable and definitely added to my stay there. they will do anything you ask with out question. There turn down service was superb and my room was always clean, neat and tidy when I returned from my business. Everything that was promised on the website was delivered, and I definitely felt I had as much privacy as I desired. I could also definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic getaway for the weekend.

Chapmans Peak BnB Front

They have a beautiful pool, but the ocean, Hout Bay and Noordehoek beach are not too far away. I really enjoyed the evening walks I took on Noorderhoek beach, as the waves crashed along the white sand and the horses cantered past in the distance. I went for a walk every evening. The staff did warn me that I should be careful not to take expensive belongings with me on my walks as there have been some incidents with criminals on the beach neat the middle of the 7 kilometer stretch of sand.

The evenings at the Chapmans’s peak BnB were my favorite and I loved watching the evening light as the sun set over the ocean and the light slowly faded from the world.

The Chapman’s Peak BnB is just below Chapman’s Peak drive and I went on a few walks and one drive along it. It is spectacular, truly one of the most beautiful stretches of road I have ever seen in the world. Apparently lots of cyclists and runners from in and around Cape Town train along her in the mornings and on the weekend. I can see why so many people love to spend their time in Cape Town.

Another fun activity is visiting the famous Hout Bay market. They have lots of curios as delicious treat, food, drinks and pudding to try. Make sure you stop by there during your stay. Wandering around the Hout Bay harbor and feeding the seals and sea gulls is another highly recommended activity.

You can find the Chapman’s Peak BnB at:

2 Henschell Road,
Hout Bay, 7806,
South Africa


Check out this amazing footage of Chapman’s Peak. Right next to the hotel.

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